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Whole Family Health Center is a non-profit community healthcare organization serving the Treasure Coast for over 25 years, offering an integrated approach to healthcare, and striving to be a healthcare home for all members of the community.

Whole Family Health Center’s mission is to provide high-quality, caring, accessible healthcare services; adult and child, medical, mental, and oral health, to everyone.

Whole Family Health Center Patient and Doctor
Founder of Whole Family Health Center - Dr. Pierone

A Note from our Founder, Dr. Gerald Pierone, Jr.

We started this non-profit medical facility over 25 years ago with a primary focus on HIV/AIDS treatment across the Treasure Coast. Today, we have evolved into a full-service primary care, pharmacy, and behavioral health treatment center. The Pierone Research Institute operates as a research arm of Whole Family Health Center and has partnered with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to conduct clinical trials for various COVID-19 treatment options, including monoclonal antibodies and antivirals. As we move past the pandemic, we continue to expand our mission to offer high quality healthcare, including to the less fortunate, in our community.


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To make an appointment please call 1-877-345-WFHC (9342)

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